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If Latin Dance Classes are becoming too easy for you, and you are ready to take your dancing to the next level… then THE FASTEST way to improve your skills on the dance floor is to join our dance team “Callejeros”

Callejeros team has been performing and teaching since the early months of 2005. The creation of this organization was purely based on the objective to spread the knowledge of the Latin dance rhythms and its different styles. Although we started to practice in the summer of 2004, our first appearance in a national level was in March of 2005, which we would like to refer to as the true birth of Callejeros.



Our team practices and shows are divided into 3 seasons throughout the year. Each season creates a new show / routine for each team.



We have several teams training for each showcase / event. The following are the teams with their respective information.

Level: This is the Instructors / Coaches Division

Level: Salsa Advanced
Days: Tue / Thu
Ages: 18 – 35 yrs old

Level: Salsa Intermediate
Days: Tue / Thu
Ages: 18 – 50 yrs old

Level: Salsa Beginner
Days: Tue / Thu
Ages: 18 – 50 yrs old

Level: Beginner
Days: Wed
Ages: 10 – 15 yrs old

Level: Bachata Intermediate / Advanced
Days: Tue / Thu
Ages: 18 – 35 yrs old



– Be on time
– A and B team members are expected at at least ONE EVENT per month Social
– Be present for all shows and support all the teams
– Be fun but not stupid
– Always say yes to a dance
– Dance with someone you do not know every time you go dance
– Don’t underestimate anyone on the floor
– Know there is always space for growth
– Understand that your dancing skills will never peak
– Always dance with the beginners
– Ask those who are not dancing to a dance
– Try to always push your team mates up
– Do not just dance with those who are good and known
– Know that frustration does not have a place with us
– Keep the negative comments out of the team
– Always look forward to the next project
– Do not give up if things seem impossible
– Never pull those around you down
– Complaining does not fix anything
– When a problem comes, try to come up with a solution
– Bad experiences will make us stronger
– Tensions are best left off the team



– If we are hired to teach or perform, understand that this is what comes first, and our fun second
– We must first comply with our duty then put our personal vacation/fun/issues after
– We must always put our presentation before any other activity
– We must strive to be there EARLIER than any other team out there
– We must follow the rules in regards to each performance
– We must follow the times and regulations of each event accordingly
– We must show on time for dress rehearsals, stage practices and anything that might come up
– Days before the performance, we will hold a meeting to explain the rules of that particular event
– Two weeks prior we have a big performance, we must NOT work out hard, nor risk our bodies to injury by playing sports or putting ourselves in any danger
– Always give 100% on the floor, you never know when it will be your last time there



– Our teams always perform and debut our routines at our events first
– We do not perform at churches, small events, political events, night clubs or socials for free
– A donation from the event must be available for our performances to happen at other socials and events
– If the event is within the Salt Lake Valley, the Donations will be:
$250 for 1 to 2 couples / individuals for shines teams
$500 for 3 couples / individuals for shines teams
$700 for 4 to 5 couples / individuals for shines teams
– Donations will be higher for anything outside the Salt Lake Valley
– We may do local festivals that will benefit the growth of our team