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THU, JAN 06 : We leave from SLC at noon, we will be in Reno by 8pm (NV time)
FRI, JAN 07 : A team & Bachata team will perform
SAT, JAN 08 : Have fun at Festival
SUN, JAN 09 : B team will perform
MON, JAN 10 : We leave from RENO at noon, we will be back by 9pm (UT time)
* Some people come back early on Sunday (because they have to work). But that is up to you if can find a ride with one of the people that are coming back early.

There are 3 main costs that we have to take care of

1st – YOUR PASS $177.70
– This is DUE, NOV 4th (or the prize goes up)
– This is SPECIALLY hard for us, because we just had SALSAWEEN, so that puts us on a TIGHT DEADLINE
– We don’t want to PAY more because we miss a deadline… so the TEAM fund can cover your pass, but you must pay it back by NOV 15th.
– That means that IF YOU SAY you are going, CALLEJEROS will cover the fee so you don’t pay more. BUT you must pay it back.
– It is basically $155 for Pass + $8.75 Fee + $13.95 LET (TOTAL 177.70)
– IMPORTANT: They offer NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, or anything of the sort. So once you say you are going, you must pay.

2nd – HOTEL ($159 -or- $125)
– This is DUE DEC 15
– There are two option of rooms, 3nights or 4nights
– If you are returning SUNDAY, then that’s 3nights
– If you are returning MONDAY, then that’s 4nights
– 4nights room (THU/FRI/SAT/SUN) = $159/person
– 3nights room (THU/FRI/SAT) = $125/person
– Each room has two queen beds
– We are putting 4 people per room, which means you will be sharing a bed to sleep

– If you are DRIVING on your OWN, then the cost would be on you
– If you will be RIDING in the VANS with us, then DEPENDING on the total # of people, we will split the total
– I don’t know how much it is yet, in the past it can vary between $90 – $110

ALSO PLAN FOR FOOD, and if you want to buy yourself SHOES, or SHIRTS and such…